Tulsa Pool Openings

Save time and get ready to swim by allowing our company professionals at Raley's Pools to open your swimming pool.

 Raley's Swimming Pool Company will...

  • Remove your winter cover and prep cover for storage.  
  • For a fee we can have your custom Tulsa pools cover cleaned and stored for you.
  • Re-install your circulation equipment, skimmer baskets, pump baskets, etc.
  • Skim the inground swimming pool.
  • Re-install pump plugs, pressure gauges, and turn on pump.
  • Visual inspection of your inground swimming pools filtering system.
  • Test the pool water and add necessary chemicals.

Looking for an expert Tulsa custom pools company? Call today (918) 398-7354 or fill out the Contact Us form and schedule your swimming pool opening! You can trust us to be YOUR Tulsa swimming pool contractor. We are the Tulsa custom pools and Tulsa inground pools pros!