Water Features

Water features add elegance and character to inground swimming pools. Which feature or features you choose is limited only by your preference. The options for water features with Raley's swimming pool company are endless, from simple laminar jets to a grand waterfall or fountain.

Here are the various types of water features:

WaterfallsThink water tumbling over rocks into your swimming pool like the waterfall found in nature. Waterfalls are often fairly dramatic, impressive displays of moving water that are the centerpiece of swimming pool.

Sheer DescentsThis option looks like a clear, thin sheet of water, projected away from a wall, usually from a long linear mouth to create the formation. A very attractive swimming pool feature.

Rain CurtainUsually suspended over an archway or ceiling, rain curtains present as water drops falling like a beaded curtain. Those in the swimming pool enjoy the warm shower, and those outside the swimming pool like to watch the strands of water falling.

SpillwaysUsually created by a structure, such as a spa or negative edge, a spillway created a cascading effect of water washing down over the sides. It allows the swimming pool water to move outside of the structure and create a continuous flow between the two bodies of water.

Laminar JetsThese are simple, graceful single arcs of water that pop out from the swimming pool sides and into the pool. They can be the swimming pool's focus or an added element. To work effectively, they need to be positioned correctly in order to create the proper arc and aim.

Fountain BubblersSituated in the middle of the spa, swimming pools, steps, ledges, or benches, fountain bubblers churn up vertical projections of water. These are popular on sun shelves and ledges, and particularly with children.

FountainsThis classic, dramatic display of water turns your swimming pool into a spraying sculpture.

Sheer Descent Waterfall



Rain Curtain