Tips on Choosing the Best Custom Pool Tiles

Custom pool tiles are an essential part of your swimming pool. You not only need to choose a tile carefully, but ensure the finish looks good. It’s important to have a versatile tile design so you can have a swimming pool that looks fresh for years to come. A pool can be enhanced by simple things such as tiles. They can ensure a gorgeous finish and keep the swimming pool looking attractive for longer. So, what tips could help you choose the right tiles for your swimming pool?

Research the Type of Swimming Pool Tiles Available

One of the best things about swimming pool tiles is that they are quite versatile and varied. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and are made from a variety of materials too. It is essential to take the time to get to know the type of swimming pool tiles available to you.

  • The Porcelain and Ceramic Classic Tiles

If you want a more classic design, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the ideal solution for you. Not too long ago, swimming pools were all lined with porcelain or ceramic and created a beautiful finish. One of the best things about these materials is that they’re affordable and come in a variety of styles and finishes. You could have a lot of fun with porcelain and ceramic because they are versatile in many ways. For instance, you could use ceramic tiles to create a mosaic pattern in the pool. You could create a specific image with the tiles or just go with the flow.

Ceramic can also be the ideal choice because it doesn’t scratch the skin if you were to encounter it. It’s softer to touch and that does offer a great safety feature, to say the least. That is ideal, especially if you have young children using the pool or seniors.

  • Glass Tiles

You might not have thought too much about durable glass tiles, however, they can be a useful option to consider. Glass does cost more; however, you will also find it’s quite appealing and tough because it’s non-porous. The type of glass tiles used in a swimming pool is unlike traditional glass – which can be fragile. Durable glass doesn’t shatter as easily as traditional glass, making it easier for swimming pools and tiles. It’s a bit of luxury.

Glass tiles look amazing because they give you and added sparkle, a shimmer in the light, which can really finish your pool well. When you are searching for custom pool tiles, durable glass does make a nice option. It can offer the illusion of glitter-effect when the sunlight reflects off the tiles so that’s a great bonus too.

  • Natural Stone Tiles

A lot of people wouldn’t be convinced with natural stone tiles; however, they can be a great option for any swimming pool. Natural stones tiles can be slip-resistant which is crucial for any swimming pool. Any minor slip can cause serious injury, so having a non-slip material is crucial. Stone tiles are surprisingly affordable, even though they look expensive. You can great a luxury feel for a fraction of the cost; it’s ideal, to say the least.

Natural stone tiles, such as limestone, sandstone, and granite, give an organic feel and it looks fantastic. You can appreciate the natural look of the swimming pool, and it looks expensive too.

  • Brick Tiles

You might not be overly convinced at the thought of brick tiles; however, they can be a wonderful option to consider. Brick tiles offer a luxury feel and create great contrast between the blue waters and the orange/red brick finish. Of course, you do need to ensure the bricks are sealed correctly to avoid moss, algae, and mold from becoming an issue. Bricks can crumble if you do not seal them or maintain well, so it’s essential to seal the bricks once your installation has taken place.

  • Always Think About What’s Affordable to You

Regardless of what you buy, you must consider the costs. It is essential to take a moment and think about what your priorities are so that you can create a sensible – but affordable – budget. For example, quality tiles to cover your moderately-sized swimming pool cost $1,000. On the other hand, you want a specific, custom tile design which costs closer to $2,500. While you want a standout pool, your budget doesn’t allow for it. Logic would suggest you need to stick with a durable, high-quality, and affordable tile rather than focus on what’s aesthetically pleasing.

While you want to spend money on a fancy tile design, your best bet would be to focus on the quality aspect to ensure it lasts longer. Durability is an essential component in your decision because it can ensure you don’t need to retile your swimming pool for several years. That, ultimately, saves you money in the long-term, rather than tiles with a lower durability factor and needs replacing within a year.

  • Safety Is Number One

Everyone wants custom pool tiles that look good; however, are they safe enough, and will they last? Those are the things you want from your tiles, otherwise it can mean a hefty investment every year. A pretty design can look great, but safety is a major concern. You want to find a balance between what looks nice and what offers you safety, like being slip-resistant. Your tiles can look nice still.

  • Think About the Style You Want

Style is probably not something you immediately think of when you are choosing swimming pool tiles. Your focus is more on the costs and the type of tiles you want. However, the style of the tile is crucial as it can determine how easy it is to maintain your pool. For example, larger tiles tend to be easier to maintain since they have fewer seams. That means grime, debris, and dirt have fewer opportunities to build-up within the seams or joint crevasses.  Larger tiles could allow you to keep the overall costs down too.

On the other hand, smaller tiles can enable you to create a very specific design. You could create a detailed pattern with the tiles that allows your pool to stand out from the crowd. That, however, does mean you have more seams and that could make it slightly tougher to maintain. Remember, there are pros and cons of each style; however, it is essential to think about what is best for your pool overall and in the long-term.

  • Think About the Color of the Tile

You don’t think the color of the tile is important; however, it can alter the look of the pool. For instance, white tiles could add depth to the pool. Certain shades of blue might be impossible to notice because it so closely matches with the color of the pool water. So, it is essential to consider the type of colors you want to incorporate into the tiles and choose shades that compliment the pool.

  • Think About Who Uses the Pool

It is necessary to think about who uses the swimming pool and whether the tiles are suitable for them. For instance, glass tiles are great for adults. If you’re the only one using the pool, that could be the ideal choice. On the other hand, stone might work better when there are children or elderly people frequenting the pool. It has safety features too.

  • Never Forget to Maintain Your Tiles

You’ve found custom pool tiles you love. It’s safe to use, durable, and pretty – but – have you thought about maintenance? It’s easy to forget to maintain swimming pool tiles; however, they need to be cleaned regularly. Remember, dirt and grime can build-up in little time, especially in damp areas. Your swimming pool can attract a lot of dirt and may cause a few issues; so, it is essential to maintain the pool and tiles. If you aren’t sure how to do this or just don’t have the time, there are professionals who’ll take care of the maintenance side of things.

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