Advantages of Installing an Eco-Friendly Pool Pump

While an eco-friendly pool pump mightn’t have been something you thought about, it could be a fantastic idea, to say the least. There are no doubts how important environmentally friendly products are; however, it’s understandable how you can be hesitant. If you were to buy every new eco-friendly product on the shelf, you’d be bankrupt within the month. Becoming more eco-friendly is great and there are lots of ways to make minor changes for a major impact. Swimming pool pumps can be greener too. So, is an environmentally friendly pool pump a great idea, and what advantages does it bring?

Saving with an Eco-Friendly Pool Pump Tulsa

Swimming pools can be the focal point of your property. A pool can look attractive and be the place where the family comes together. Unfortunately, it costs a lot of money to maintain a swimming pool. It doesn’t matter the size of the pool; it takes a lot of energy – and money – to keep it going. With an eco-friendly pool pump, you could help cut your average costs down, somewhat. For example, let’s say your standard pool pump added an extra $500 onto your energy bills. That’s a lot of money to spend on a pool pump.

On the other hand, you install an eco-friendly pump which may use up to 60-70% less energy; that means you could save hundreds of dollars per year. Using less energy reduces your energy bills and you save money. Of course, how much you save depends on the pump you buy, the current energy rates, and the company who supplies you.

Should You Replace an Older Pump with a Greener Alternative?

While the pool pump will need to be replaced at some point, it isn’t necessary – or environmentally friendly – to dump your old one for a new one, even if it’s a greener alternative. It’s not smart for the environment. It is much better to continue to use the pump until it breaks or needs to be replaced. Remember, a pool pump can last years and if you have a new model, it might not be entirely necessary to move to an eco-friendly pool pump Tulsa. Of course, if the pump is losing power, it’s time to get a new one installed.

Why Is Eco-Friendly Pumps Better for the Environment?

An energy efficient pump can consume less energy. Of course, it all depends on how often the pump is used. For example, eco-friendly pumps have a variety of speeds and when it is carrying out a task that requires less energy, it will run at a slower rate of speed. Standard pool pumps often run at the same speed, regardless of the task its being asked to do. This means the energy consumption levels are higher, even for something as simple as filtration. Energy efficient pumps reduce consumption levels significantly.

The Advantages of an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

There are a variety of reasons to make the switch to an eco-friendly pool pump, including:

  • You’ll Save Money

As said above, environmentally friendly products tend to cost more to purchase initially but are more affordable in the long-term. For instance, some pool pumps pay for themselves within two years because of the amount of money homeowners save on their energy bills. Lowering your average energy bill isn’t easy, especially when you have a pool at home. With an eco-friendly pool pump Tulsa, you stand a greater chance of reducing those costs.

  • Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Let’s be honest, we all create too much carbon emissions; from the food we consume, to our daily lifestyles. Carbon emissions are high in many regions of the world and simple things, such as pool pumps, can add to those levels. By reducing the amount of energy used – even marginally – it could help cut down on yearly carbon emissions. This would help to reduce the size of your carbon footprint and may help the planet, somewhat. Of course, this is just one step you could take, but it’s a huge one, to say the least.

  • Greener Products are Better for the Planet

Right now, everyone wants to do their part for the environment. You probably want to do your part too, and eco-friendly products are ideal. An eco-friendly pool pump can be a great starting point for your household. You might initially spend more on the pump but within a few months, you could notice the difference in your energy bills, even if it’s just a few dollars. They add up and within the year, you could save $200-400 easily. Of course, it all depends on what other electrical items you run at home.

For example, if you use an eco-friendly pump but run your heating on all day and night in the winter months, you won’t see a major difference to your energy bills. However, eco-friendly products can help reduce energy waste and overall costs.

Is Eco-Friendly the Way to Go?

While you might not think too much about an eco-friendly pool pump Tulsa, it can be a smart idea. Let’s be honest, high emission-producing electrical goods are being phased out. Shops are looking at greener products because the customer demands it. Manufacturers are also looking at ways to go greener, even with pool pumps. It is a useful alternative, to say the least, and not one you can easily rule out. An eco-friendly pool pump can work for your home.

When to Buy a New Environmentally Friendly Pool Pump?

As said previously, there isn’t an immediate need to replace a functioning pool pump. Yes, it would be smart to make the switch to a more energy efficient pump; however, dumping a perfect workable machine is harmful to the environment. Sometimes, it can be better to remain with the same pump until it needs to be fully replaced. Buying an eco-friendly pool pump Tulsa is incredibly easy to do and can be affordable too.

Become Greener

Swimming pools don’t look unfriendly, and you might fail to see how they could impact the environment. Unfortunately, the pool pump could be the most harmful part of the swimming pool, and you may want to consider switching. Of course, there are lots of ways to become a better friend to the planet; however, eco-friendly pumps are a great step forward. An eco-friendly pool pump Tulsa can be a fantastic solution for the planet.

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