How to Install Pool Tiles

Who doesn’t want to know how to install pool tiles Tulsa? Swimming pools can look nice, but by adding attractive tiles to it, you can enhance the pool in many ways. It no longer is just another swimming pool; yours is the one people are jealous of and are inspired by. For instance, ceramic tiles can add a lot of detail to your pool. They can be used around the water line for a border and create a unique showpiece of the pool. Or you could install them throughout the pool and really make yours stand out for all the right reasons. So, what do you need to know about tile installation?

Choose an Appropriate Tile

There are a variety of pool tiles to choose from, such as glass and ceramic. The type of tile you select, however, is crucial. Some may be more suitable for your requirements than others. So, it is essential to take a moment to look at your options and find the right one. For instance, ceramic tiles tend to be among the most popular. They are made from wet clay and are glazed so they have a waterproof finish. However, you do have to be careful if you’re selecting ceramic as some are not suitable for swimming pool installations.

Know your Design

You probably don’t think too much about the style or design of the tiles, however, it can be important to think before you buy them. For example, you have a medium-sized pool and want a border around the water line. So, you’d know how many tiles you need to complete the installation. On the other hand, if you wanted a specific pattern but only decided after you purchased the initial tiles, you’d have to buy more. This is the quickest way to up your overall costs, and it’s not ideal, to say the least.

Let’s say you wanted to know how to install pool tiles. You weren’t sure what pattern or design you wanted to create but purchased a few. Half-way through installation, you realize the pattern doesn’t look quite right. You’d have to rip the tiles out and start again which causes you to spend even more. That is why you should plan or know what pattern and designs you wish to select – before you install them.

Prep your Pool

You’ve looked up how to install pool tiles Tulsa; you’re confident and want to start the project. So, the first step would be to ensure the pool is ready for the installation. This means the walls of the pool should be scrubbed, along with the floor to ensure all dirt, grime, and debris are gone. Ideally, wash the floors and walls with a pressure washer. This will ensure any lasting chemicals are washed away and you’re left with a spotlessly clean pool.

Inspect the Pool

It’s important to ensure the swimming pool’s surface is smooth and level. Tiles will bond better when the surface is level, so take a good look at the swimming pool and make sure it’s level. Inspect the pool for any cracks or holes that need to be patched up. These minor issues could create havoc when installing new tiles. Sometimes, the tiles won’t take to the pool, and you end up having to do the job twice. If you find any issues, get them sorted out. You could use a waterproof membrane paint to help with the installation as the tiles can be laid over it.

Installation with Grout and Mortar

Depending on the specific tiles you’re installing, you may need mortar and grout to get the job done. Ceramic tiles usually require mortar and grout, and they can ensure the tiles take to the pool long after installation is complete. Remember, you are going to flood the pool with water once you’re done, (if installing tiles floor to ceiling) so mortar can be hard wearing and dries quickly. Epoxy-type materials can weaken because of the chemicals in the pool and that might mean the tiles don’t last long. Instead, use a grout suitable for pool installation.

Installing the Tiles

As said previously, you should always know the type of pattern or design you’re aiming to achieve. It not only ensures you have enough tiles to complete the job but that you can be entirely satisfied with the result. So, spread the mortar out onto the floor or walls of the pool and apply your tiles directly into the mortar. You can place the tiles as you like; a spacer could be used to ensure each gap between the tiles are even. This will also make it easier to grout later too. Use a beating block to gently tap the tiles into the mortar, keeping them firmly in place.

It might also be necessary to allow 24-48 hours of dry time for the mortar. Once the mortar is dry, you can begin grouting. Of course, you do need to allow for additional drying time, depending on the weather conditions and how humid it is. Depending on where you live, installing new pool tiles during the winter months might be untenable.

Should You Call a Professional?

While you’ve searched for how to install pool tiles Tulsa, it isn’t always an easy project to undertake. This is especially true when you aren’t equipped for the task or just don’t feel confident enough to tackle the installation yourself. It does depend on your skill level and expertise. For example, you’ve done minor tiles installation work before and are confident enough to tackle a mid-sized project. There might not be any need for a professional contractor at this point – however – if you aren’t confident in this area, a professional is likely to be necessary.

It does depend on your skills and availability. Hiring a professional to install pool tiles can be a smart idea too, especially when you aren’t able to do it personally. Costs can be affordable for tile installation. If you wanted to hire someone, you should always get several quotes and compare to find the best for your needs.

Enjoy your New Swimming Pool

Despite what you might think, new tiles can do wonders for your swimming pool. A tired design can be modernized or refreshed, creating an attractive pool. There are lots of ways to upgrade the tiles, even if it’s just with a border at the water line. It can all do wonders for the pool and this little upgrade can be affordable. You can learn how to install pool tiles to create a gorgeous, modern swimming pool.

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