Planning Your Outdoor Living – Pool, and Patio

It’s important to maximize your outdoor living space. Outdoor space is a premium for most homes, and you want to ensure you get full use of the area. Swimming pools are a nice luxury to add and can complement the home well. If you plan to install a new pool or just upgrade the old one, it might be time to hire a professional contractor. Ideally, you want a specialist that understands your specific requirements – and that of your home. It’s crucial to hire a professional pool contractor or builder with experience and the know-how to approach the project with care.

Remember, you want a swimming pool that looks good and complements the patio as well. Any imperfections could ruin your outdoor space; that’s why it’s crucial to plan down to the last detail. So, what do you need to consider when planning your outdoor living?

Always Plan a Sensible but Realistic Budget

You don’t want to think about how much all this will cost; however, it is a necessity of outdoor living by pool. Costs matter, even when you live comfortably. Inground pools, depending on their exact size, could start somewhere around $18,000 or $20,000. That doesn’t factor in the shape or size of the pool or whether it’s fully customized. Then there could be added because of the terrain in your backyard and the location of the pool. All those things matter when it comes to cost, and it could quickly spiral out of your control. That is why it’s crucial to hammer out a sensible budget for the project.

Let’s be honest, you do need to have a reasonable budget for the installation of a new swimming pool, but it must be realistic at the same time. For example, if you have around $39,000 available to spend, set that as your limit. Or you could lower the limit slightly. Instead of saying $39,000 is your top end amount, set your budget at $35,000 and then if additional work is needed – or something goes wrong – there is a few extra thousand to fall back on. Using the entire amount saved could leave your outdoor living dreams in tatters if there are unexpected costs.

Measure Your Dimensions Wisely

You have a large open yard to the back of your home, but does it really need a twenty-foot swimming pool? Outdoor living space needs to be balanced for the result to look good. Going too big might ruin the space but going too small might leave you embarrassed. So, it’s essential consider your dimensions carefully. You need to measure out the space you have available and get plans drawn up to ensure nothing goes awry.

Professional landscapers or architects could help with this part and there will be permits to consider too. Depending on where you’re installing the pool, you must consider road noise, privacy, and your neighbors.

Consider How the Outdoor Living Space Will Be Utilized

You have the dream of outdoor living by pool. It can be fantastic and give your home something extra for the family to enjoy. It is, however, essential to consider how you’ll utilize the space available. For example, you install a swimming pool, but the rest of the backyard looks unfinished. It could be wise to consider a patio space for dining. Or you could add a covered area for dinner parties or just to relax with your partner. You might even want to consider a grill or fit pit area.

You need to think about how you use the outdoor space and what you can do to make it workable for your home. There is no need to install a fire pit or grill if it won’t be used or just doesn’t appeal to you. Instead, you could opt for new decking and a covered patio area. Of course, you must work these added costs into your budget.

Make Your Outdoor Space Work for Your Home

Outdoor spaces can be used to their full potential but only when you plan them right. You not only have to consider your budget but think about what your family will use. It isn’t just a summer notion either, you also need to consider the winter months and designing the outdoor areas to suit your needs perfectly. Outdoor living can be fun and effective; planning every detail carefully will ensure you maximize the space well.

Never Forget a Seating Area

Outdoor living by pool wouldn’t be complete without seats. It’s time to choose comfortable patio and pool furniture that’ll complement each other. You want the area to look good but offer sufficient room for comfort. You could even strategically choose the seats that maximize space or double up for added room.

Create a Private Space

Whether you’re overlooked by a neighbor or otherwise, it can be a smart idea to incorporate a private area within your back garden. Even if it’s just an intimate seating area with decorated lattice panels around it, it can be useful. Creating a private space gives you time to relax, sit down, and lounge around. You can install a hammock or comfortable lounge chair and make the area your own. It’s a great idea for outdoor living.

Have Space for Foot Traffic

You’ll have foot traffic going into and out of your outdoor living areas, so it’s essential they remain clutter-free. To create a smooth flow throughout the home, you need to keep walkways clear and prevent barriers from overcrowding an area. When there are barriers, there is less comfort, and that can turn an outdoor space into a rarely used area. Fortunately, there are lots of simple ways to keep lanes clear for foot traffic.

Establish a Focal Point Outside

You probably haven’t given much thought to focal points, especially since you plan to install a swimming pool; however, unsightly elements can ruin the garden. When there are unattractive parts to your garden, it’s important to conceal them so that they don’t detract from the rest of the yard. For instance, fences or large plants could hide some elements of outdoor living by pool you want to ignore. By creating a focal point, you draw the eye to that, rather than the areas you aren’t as keen on.

Consider a Tool Shed to Hide Accessories

Everyone has accessories they use outside; from tools to furniture cushions, water toys, and more, they’re always around. Unfortunately, piling those things at the side of the pool will make it look untidy. You aren’t aiming for the messy look; you want elegance and sleekness. Outdoor living can be better when you have a little utility or tool shed. You can store all the things you don’t need and keep the area tidy.

Create a Four-Season Outdoor Space

Whether you have harsh winters or mild summers, it is always better to create an outdoor space suitable for all-year use. A four-season outdoor space can be versatile and great to maximize use too. For example, you could use a retractable roof cover over the patio and install a fire pit. It gives you the option to have shade during the summer months and heat for the winter months. This really enhances the outdoor living by pool dream.

Create a Wish-List and Consult a Contractor

You have lots of little things you want added to your pool and patio, but too much can look messy. Instead, create a wish-list. Write down all the things you’d like to have, such as a fire pit, grotto, or waterfall. You can then discuss these things with your pool company, and they might help determine what works best. Contractors will take into consideration your budget and the amount of space available to make your outdoor living more comfortable.

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