Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Pool Automation Systems

Pool automation systems Tulsa is crucial, although, it isn’t the first thing you think of when talking about maintenance. Cleaning a pool isn’t easy. You need to get into all the nooks and crannies, along with the filtration system, ensure the chemical levels are right, and more besides. It’s not easy, even when you’ve done it for a while. Fortunately, pool maintenance has come a long way and it has become simpler to maintain a pool. Technology has a huge part to play, especially since pool automation is now possible. So, what benefits come from automated pool systems, and are they necessary?

It’s a Time Saver

Just because you have a swimming pool, it doesn’t mean to say you can lounge around it all day. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to spend several hours each week overseeing the cleaning or maintenance of the pool. Let’s be honest, you don’t always know or understand how to check chemical levels. You might not really know how to clean the pool properly. Yes, you might sweep away dead leaves on the surface, but what about below? With an automation system, it automatically allows you to use an app to control the maintenance.

You can monitor the chemical levels, and more. It’s a simple way to keep on top of an important cleaning task. Remember, when the pool isn’t cleaned properly, it’s not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Pool Automation Systems are Convenient

Who doesn’t want a convenient tool to make their lives easier? Pool automation is a smart way to enhance your everyday life. Self-sufficient swimming pools make life easier and can be managed with an app. With a tap of your finger, you can control and manage your pool, whether you’re at home, work, or abroad. That is the beauty of automation. You get overall control but allow the pool to do its own thing. This is especially useful when you have a vacation home or are away for an extended break.

You can use an app to control and monitor your swimming pool. It’s a nice and easy way to manage your pool. Best of all, you can create a great atmosphere for any occasion. You can turn the pool lights on to create a romantic mood, or a water feature to relax you while taking in some sun. It is a great way to get more from your pool.

Greater Flexibility

Have you ever left your home and forgot to switch the pool pump off? What about when you go on vacation; have you mistakenly left the pool lights on? By using a convenient app, you can switch the lights or pump off with no hassle and no wasted energy. It not only helps with the simple maintenance side of things but ensures you don’t waste energy. Automation does provide greater flexibility, whether you want to check on chemical levels, the filtration systems, or just turn off the pool pump.

While you might not think you’ll use a pool automation system, it can be a game-changer, to say the least. You have more flexibility to do the little things, such as edit the settings of the pool and create a more convenient maintenance schedule. Having remote control gives you greater peace of mind and makes life simpler.

Cut Energy Waste and Use

There are a dozen different ways to use more energy than necessary with a swimming pool. You’re using water and electricity, after all, and those things can be expensive. When you waste them, it’s also a major blow to the environment. Fortunately, you can reduce the amount of energy you use – and ultimately waste – just by opting for an automated pool system. If you were to use a variable-speed pool pump, you could control it via an app. That means the equipment is used when the pool is used. It does cut back on energy waste and helps prevent unnecessary carbon emissions too.

Easier to Maintain

Pool automation systems have made it so much easier to maintain and clean a swimming pool remotely. Automation can ensure the water remains sanitary throughout the day and makes it simpler to keep a close eye on the important stuff. The reality is that you don’t always have the patience to deal with the minor everyday tasks of a swimming pool. With automated systems and remote access, you can deal with those tasks when it’s convenient for you. It makes the process so much simpler for all.


Let’s be honest, swimming pools look great but take up a lot of time, even with simple maintenance. If one element is off, the entire pool shouldn’t be used and that can cause a heap of trouble. With pool automation systems Tulsa, you now get a more energy efficient – and self-sufficient machine. The pool can basically handle the everyday tasks without your natural input.

Pools can take up a lot of your time and you don’t want to spend it taking care of basic cleaning chores. Having a self-sufficient pool ensures you take a step back. This makes the pool user-friendly and can allow you to enjoy it a little more.

Is Automation Necessary?

It’s easy to see why so many aren’t convinced they need an automation system for their swimming pool. You probably don’t think it’s necessary; however, automation makes the task of being a swimming pool owner easier. Most tasks can be monitored and even dealt with remotely, meaning it’s more convenient for you. Best of all, a pool automation system can help you keep on top of the important maintenance tasks.

Automation might not seem necessary and there will be instances where it’s easier to do whatever task it is manually. Having, however, the ability of automation makes being a swimming pool owner a bit easier. You are less stressed and feel more confident taking control whereas you are.

Be a Responsible Pool Owner

Swimming pools are great but it’s so easy to fall back on the everyday maintenance. Overseeing minor tasks can be boring and you don’t always have hours to spend each day checking on the pool. With automation systems, that changes the game somewhat. You now have the option to control your swimming pool from an app. That makes it easier to cut back on energy waste and ensure the pool is in tip-top condition always. Pool automation systems Tulsa can be wonderful, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spend manually inspecting the pool at home.

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