How to Tackle Pool Openings Tulsa

Spring is on the horizon and it’s time for pool openings Tulsa. Who doesn’t look forward to diving back into their pool after a long winter? Unfortunately, it isn’t just a matter of removing the pool cover and dipping their toes into the water. You need to prep the pool to ensure it’s ready for swimmers. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. So, how can you open your inground pool?

Remove Debris in the Immediate Area

A quick tidy up is wise when you’re preparing to open your pool for the first time of the season. There can be all sorts of debris around the pool that needs to be cleaned away. Luckily, a quick clean is all you need to do. So, sweep away any leaves or wrappers, and make sure your patio and yard are tidy too. Getting rid of the debris from the immediate area helps to ensure the pool will be safe to use.

Inspect the Area for Damage

Take a quick walk around your pool and patio area and check for signs of damage. Wear and tear can occur around the pool area, even if the actual swimming pool is in relatively good shape. Always check the tiles surrounding the pool, along with the decking area. If there are any issues that need to be addressed, you should fix them before the pool is opened. It helps to cut back on the clean up after the repairs have been made. You might also want to take a close look at outdoor furniture to ensure it’s in good condition.

While it mightn’t seem necessary, you should always take a moment to inspect the pool’s safety rails and ladders before reapplying them to your pool. It goes for all pool equipment, including the diving board, slides, railing, and rescue equipment. It’s more than just a safety aspect, it ensures the equipment can be properly used once the pool is open.

Hose the Pool Cover to Remove Dirty Water

Winter is a harsh month and pool covers tend to attract debris, dirt, and dirty water. You do not want these things to end up in your swimming pool, so it is best to clean the cover before removing it. You have a few options for this. For instance, you could hose down the cover and remove the debris and old water that way. All you’d need to do is to clean the mess after you hose the cover down. You could also use a pool cover pump to help clean the area. Pool openings are a lot easier when you’ve cleaned the pool cover first.

Clean and Store the Pool Cover

Once you have carefully removed the cover, you should give it a thorough clean. You could use a soap and water combination or buy a cleaner just for pool covers. Scrubbing the pool cover helps to ensure it’s clean and ready to be used next season. You might also, however, want to consider storing the cover for the spring and summer months. This could help keep the cover away from pesky rodents and prevent damage by family pets too. If you are going to store the pool cover, make sure it’s cleaned and dried before storing it.

Inspect your Pool

Pool openings Tulsa can be easy, and you could be back doing laps in no time. Unfortunately, there are a dozen things that could go wrong over the winter months. That is why you need to take a walk around your pool and inspect it. You should look at every area possible to ensure there are no issues with the pool. For instance, look at the coping stones and any signs of cracked, chipped, or peeling plaster.

Remove the winterized or drain plugs from the skimmers and install the necessary fittings again. Look at the return lines and check the filter for damage. You can’t forget to look at the pool pump or lights either. If the tiles are dirty, clean them up. There are lots of little things to look for to ensure the readiness of your pool. Even minor issues can create major headaches, so it’s best to have a thorough inspection of your pool. If there are any issues, you can flag them up and repair.

Clean the Interior

Pool openings can build excitement, but before you go rushing back into the pool, you need to first clean it. So, remove any debris from the bottom of the pool and scrub the floor and walls. If you have a robotic cleaner, it could make the process go quicker. It’s time to really give the interior a thorough clean so that all debris are gone. You shouldn’t forget to clean the lint pots in your pool pump and leaf basket. Debris clogs up filters and systems easily, so you want to clean them as best as you can.

Test the Filter and Water Levels

It’s time to switch on the filter. You’ll need to give the filter system at least, twelve hours to mix the new and old water together. However, in some instances, it needs a good twenty-four hours to do so. You might be better to switch the filter on and give it a full day to fully mix. Then, you’d need to add the necessary pool chemicals. You would need to test the water first. There are kits available that allow you to do the testing yourself. However, if you aren’t sure – or comfortable – about doing it, you can get a professional to do it.

Call on a Professional for Help

Opening a pool for the first time isn’t easy and if you aren’t confident enough, it may be best to get a professional in. They will come in, prep, clean the pool, remove the cover, check the water levels, and add the chemicals. While it’s not a difficult process, when you haven’t had the experience or just don’t have the time, it’s easier to ask for help. Professionals will do most of the things for you and will ensure the pool is ready for use.

The Thrill of the New Season

There is always excitement around opening of a pool, especially when it’s been a long winter. You want to enjoy doing some laps in the morning and just lounging around in the evenings. A pool opening can be easier than you think. You do, however, need to ensure the pool is clean, safety to use, and is cared for correctly before you can use it again. Pool openings Tulsa signals the start of Spring, so ensure your pool is ready to go.

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