Best Pool Remodel and Renovation Ideas for Your Home

Pool remodel and renovation Tulsa projects are fun. There is so much you can do to turn an out-dated pool into a wonderful, magical family swimming pool. However, your renovation work doesn’t just have to be limited to the swimming pool. Remember, there is a whole backyard to fill, and with a little inspiration, you can create an inviting outdoor living space. So, what renovation ideas could work for your home, and how much should you spend to remodel?

Install New Pool Tiles

While you might not think pool tiles are such a major renovation task, it can be hugely important. There are lots you can do with swimming pool tiles; you can create a specific pattern or design, for instance. Tiles are a great renovation idea because new tiles can give the pool a facelift that makes it look fresh and inviting. Of course, it isn’t a major project to take on, but if the tiles aren’t installed correctly, it’ll cost a lot to put right.

Create a Cascade Water Feature and Spa Area

When you want to add a new dimension to the swimming pool, you should consider a cascade water feature. Water features just add something extra and can make great renovation ideas too. Cascades can be installed to one area of the pool, creating a relaxing feel. There are a few ways to achieve the cascade look. For instance, if you have a grotto area, you could install above there, giving you slightly more privacy. Or, you could have the cascade-effect towards the deep end of the pool. It all depends on what look you’re aiming for.

Spa areas also make great additions to swimming pools. You get an area just for the adults, and it can have jacuzzi-effects and more. Spas aren’t extensive remodel work to take on; it can be somewhat simple to have contractors come in and complete the work within a week or so.

New In-Pool Lighting

Pool remodel and renovation ideas don’t get any simpler than LED lighting. In-pool lights are important and can enhance the entire look of the pool area. LEDs are cost-effective, attractive, and come in a range of colors. These are incredibly versatile because they can be put in and around the pool, along with the other areas of the garden. This really helps to make the pool a more appealing space and safer too. LEDs can create great mood lighting during the evening if you want to go for a midnight dip in the pool.

Add a Seating Area

Pool remodel and renovation Tulsa ideas can be effective at transforming your property; however, you cannot neglect the other outdoor spaces. For example, you could create a small private terraced area. You could throw a small table and chairs or a lounger and put tall planters around it or even a lattice panel. This really can make the area a little more intimate and private, even if you just want to have a quiet place to read a book in the afternoon.

Install a Covered Shelter

Whether you live in a year-long sunny state or otherwise, you’ll likely spend a lot of time outdoors. Your swimming pool could become a great family or entertainment space, depending on your lifestyle. The pool can be the focal point and you may want to install an extended dining area with an overhead shelter. This can be the ideal way to have shade during hotter days, and a cover overhead when the weather is miserable. It can be a simple way to add more to the area and can be cost-effective too.

Install a Fire Feature

When you want to remodel the pool, you could upgrade the patio area too. Outdoor fireplaces and pits can be practical, especially when you spend a lot of time there. An outdoor fire pit may help extend how long you’re able to use the outdoor space. During the cooler months, you could have guests over for dinner and sit around the fire. This keeps the outdoor area versatile and adds more warmth. There are lots of fire features to try and they can look gorgeous in your yard.

Renovation Costs

Let’s be honest, renovation and remodel work can set you back tens of thousands of dollars; however, that isn’t always necessary. Remember, you do not need to rip out and install a new pool, not when the pool remains functionable and in decent condition. It’s totally different if you want a complete overhaul of the size and shape, but even then, it’s not necessary if the pool is functioning properly. So, costs will depend on the extent of the remodel or renovation work. For instance, minor upgrades to the pool tiles and immediate surrounding areas will likely set you back around $2,000-$8,000.

On the other hand, major renovation work, such as resurfacing the pool, landscaping, and installing a new shape of pool will likely set you back $10,000 + easily. Costs can range significantly; it all depends on the extent of the renovation. Pool remodel and renovation projects don’t always have to be on a major scale; even minor improvements can change the entire look of the pool area. If your budget doesn’t stretch far, you need to scale back the remodel work and keep to simple alterations, such as lighting and tiles.

Avoid Over-Cluttering the Yard

One of the worst things you can do is litter your swimming pool with dozens of features or furniture. A lot of the time, you’re tempted to install lots of water features, along with litter the area with tables, chairs, loungers, planters, and everything else. While it’s great to put your own unique stamp on your pool and patio area, you could end up cluttering it. This detracts from the pool and sometimes, opting for a minimal renovation can be best. For instance, incorporate one water feature and install new LED lighting, rather than trying to cram a dozen features in.

Create a Peaceful Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space can be a wonderful area within your home. It can double as an entertainment area and somewhere to relax and unwind. Swimming pools can be quite flexible, not to forget versatile, and you want them to look good. Remodel and renovation ideas can be simple but effective, so that you get more value from the pool. There are lots of great renovation projects to undertake and many can enhance the swimming pool area. Pool remodel and renovation Tulsa can do so much for your home.

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