Combine Pool Rock Works to Create a Gorgeous Natural Outdoor Swimming Pool

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Pool rock works aren’t always your first thought when you hear the words, ‘renovation’. When you think of swimming pool renovations, you instantly think of ripping out the pool and starting from scratch. Well, maybe that is what some people would do; however, you could make minor renovations to the landscape and enhance the pool that way. You can create a more natural look with stones, rocks, and boulders. Pool rocks can create a natural feel and can hide grassy areas – to an extent anyway. Best of all, there are lots of ways to achieve the natural look. So, which pool rocks should you choose?

Create a Unique Look with Pebbles

When you look at pool rock works, it can be overwhelming with the amount of choice available. One of the best options could be pebbles. These make an ideal landscaping choice because they are versatile, available in different shades, and can be placed to create a pattern. You can create a totally unique design and look great decorating the swimming pool area.

Pebbles tend to be soft on the foot and oval. While they may not look at natural as some other rocks, pebbles are easier to walk on barefoot. Of course, the choice is yours; however, pebbles do create a nice beach feel.

Be Careful of Tiny Pebbles and Avoid Gravel – If You Can

A lot of people love the notion of creating a unique swimming pool landscape. Often, homeowners use tiny pebbles to litter the pool area in hopes of creating a subtle design. Sometimes, gravel is used too. Unfortunately, these two things can create a major headache for the pool and yourself. While pebbles look nice, very small ones can get into your pool and cause damage to the liner and filter system. Gravel too isn’t ideal for swimming pool areas. You could use these stones in your backyard but may not make the best pool rock work. Sometimes, it’s best to have space between your pebbles and pool.

River Rocks are Ideal for a Natural Landscape

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River rocks – or river jack stones as they’re also known by – are the ideal solution when you want to create a natural landscape. These are little stones sourced from rivers and streams and create an authentic feel to the pool area. River jacks vary in size and are often medium or smaller-sized stones. Pool rock work such as these, are ideal because they offer a natural looking landscape. If you have an above ground pool, the river rocks can limit grassy areas and prevent weeds from poking through. Unlike gravel, river stones are smooth, so shouldn’t cut into your feet.

However, it might be best to place the rocks strategically, so that they enhance the pool area but not so that they decorate the actual swimming pool. For instance, placing the rocks right next to the edge of the pool mightn’t be smart as a few could fall into the pool. It isn’t such a major hassle; however, it can cause a few issues if they were to get into the filter.

Get a Natural Finish with Gorgeous Boulders

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You want pool rock works that look good but create a natural feel to the area. Boulders, while they may not be subtle, create a natural look and feel. Boulders are large stabs of rock but are ideal for in-ground pools. You can place them strategically around the pool area, giving it a more simplistic tone. You can create a unique design with the boulders or group them together in rock formations. You could even be so bold as to create a diving rock.

Create a Unique Feature of a Diving Rock

You probably haven’t thought too much about diving boards; however, you could go all out and create unique pool rock works. Diving rocks are unique in every sense but are becoming a popular feature for many households. A diving rock is usually made from a large natural stone and is placed at the edge of a pool, like a traditional diving board. These are unique and quite aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Of course, when the stone becomes wet, it may be slightly slippery, so you need to be careful. This may not be the ideal choice for homes with young children

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Create a Pool Grotto with a Swim-Up Bar

Adding a sense of luxury to your swimming pool can be smart and done in a variety of ways. Even when you are working with a limited budget, you could still create a beautiful grotto. Grottos are fantastic for larger swimming pools and it’s a unique pool rock work idea that you’ll love. If you wanted to go all out, you could even design a swim-up bar too. It’s a lovely feature to add and will enhance the look of the pool too. Of course, it will require slightly more maintenance, but it can be worth it.

Beautiful Rock Waterfalls Add Elegance to any Swimming Pool

Waterfalls aren’t always given enough thought, but they do make fantastic features of a swimming pool. If you want to accentuate the pool rock works, you could add a waterfall. It’s relaxing and offers a new element of the pool too. Rock waterfalls offer a lovely lagoon feel with the water cascading over the rocks into the pool. You can place your waterfalls at one end of the pool, maybe even near your spa area.

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Choosing Between Natural and Faux Rocks

You have several options to consider with swimming pool landscapes. Natural rocks are among the most popular since they create an authentic feel; however, you also have the option of faux rocks. Faux rocks are made to look like a real boulder but are crafted from composite materials. Often, faux rocks are waterproof and somewhat easier to maintain long-term. Natural rocks are popular but may be slightly slippery when they become wet. Pool rock work can look great, however, regardless of whether it’s faux rocks or real.

So, what natural rock types do you have as an option?

  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Moss Rock
  • Lava Stone
  • Oklahoma Stone
  • Flagstone
  • Firestone
  • Millsap
  • Quartzite
  • Fieldstone

You do have a wide variety of choice to consider; it may depend on where you live and how easy it is to source a particular rock type. Of course, you must consider how safe the rock you choose will be to use around a swimming pool. Boulders are heavy and won’t be easy to move, whereas tiny pebbles aren’t always ideal, whereas larger pebbles are. Pool rock works can look great when the right one is chosen. If in doubt, ask a swimming pool contractor or installation specialist.

Make the Smart Choice for Your Pool

Using boulders, rocks, and stones to landscape your swimming pool can be ideal. It is a great investment and could help you achieve a natural, elegant finish to the pool area. Of course, you need to choose carefully as boulders can become slippery when wet. So, it’s essential to think about the safety aspect as well as the beauty aspect. You need to think about the look you want to achieve, the style, and your budget before you set your sights on pool rock work.

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