Top Pool Water Features to Install at Home

You want the best swimming pool water features Tulsa. You want your home to look its best and be an inviting place for all the family. Water features can be a smart addition to any swimming pool as they create more versatility, bring dimension to the area, and help establish a relaxing space. It can be, however, slightly difficult to choose a water feature for your home. The choices are endless, but that can be a negative as much as a positive. So, what are the top water features for your swimming pool at home?

A Deck Jet Stream

You want to create a fun but calming atmosphere and there is nothing more relaxing than the gentle sound of water. A deck jet stream might just be the ideal way to create a flowing arc of water around your swimming pool. The jets can be installed around the decking area and used to gently flow into the pool.

Jet streams come with a fully adjusted height for convenience. Depending on the exact type of feature you buy, you could achieve a five-foot archway of water and still maintain their shape. It’s a graceful and elegant addition to any swimming pool and can really elevate an average pool into something much more.

A Cascade

Cascades are sleek, elegant, and look fantastic in any swimming pool. Cascades are decorative items but make some of the best water features of today. These come in many forms and styles, making the cascade a perfect pool feature to enjoy. One of the best things about cascades is that they are affordable, so even if your budget doesn’t stretch to several pool water features, this should make the cut. A cascade is also versatile because they can take a simple feature and turn it into a fun area for all the family to enjoy.

Whether you choose the sheet cascade or raindrop effect, you’ll love the feature. It is fun, versatile, and quite calming. You can have a lengthy cascade feature or a small one, depending on your space and what you feel is best for your pool. You could even create a small column or pedestal for the cascade to add even more drama.

A Water Bowl Feature

Water bowls are gorgeous little water features to install in your swimming pool. Bowls, also known as water woks or pots, are a great accessory for those looking to upgrade to a modern pool. Water bowls can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to match the look you’re after. For instance, you could choose a square bowl with a metallic copper finish. That’s the beauty of pool water features Tulsa, they can vary considerably.

A water bowl feature gives an aesthetic appeal to the pool. Let’s say you wanted a contemporary swimming pool. You could choose a stainless-steel square water bowl which would compliment a luxury or spa-type pool well. If you had a lagoon-style swimming pool, you could opt for a rounded concrete water bowl. Best of all, the bowls could be strategically placed to create a little waterfall feature. Of course, it all depends on the look you’re aiming for.

Ornamental Fountains

You probably haven’t given fountains too much thought and yet, they can make excellent water features. Ornamental fountains are elegant, sleek, and are attractive. Fountains draw your eye and make you feel at ease. When you’re looking at pool water features for your home, you could look to fountains. They are simple but quite effective, and always look good. Best of all, there are many types of fountains to consider, such as bubble fountains. These are the types that bubble up, rather than just shoot a jet stream of water into the air. You can find a fountain feature to be quite effective, to say the least.

Laminar Pool Water Features

While the laminar looks very much like a deck jet stream, it is a more upgraded version. The laminar is one of the best pool water features Tulsa because it offers greater height. It also creates a seamless water feature. You could reach up to eight feet with this feature, and that seamless arch of water looks fantastic. A laminar can offer a LED light feature that helps to change the appearance of the water effortlessly. That does take this feature up a whole new level and does shine through amazingly well.

Do You Really Need Water Features?

Pool water features Tulsa can be fun, exciting, and luxurious. While you might believe water features are too expensive, there are many affordable options to consider. For instance, if you liked the cascade idea, you could opt for a smaller feature. It could save you money and still look nice at the end of the day. Of course, it does all depend on the type of look you want for the swimming pool and how flexible your budget will be.

Plan Smart to Get Value from The Features

It’s easy to say you want five or six major water features, but another to safely install them. For instance, you need to consider the amount of space available. Then, you need to look at how each water feature would be installed. Adding several pool water features to a small area might not be viable, even if your budget allows for it. Remember, you don’t want the pool to look cluttered or untidy. Instead, it could be more effective to choose one or two smaller features and incorporate them into your pool.

It works the same for lagoon and larger swimming pools. You need to space each feature sufficiently to ensure they fit in, and the area isn’t cluttered. It’s essential to use the space wisely so that the pool is a relaxing area, not overcluttered with unnecessary water features.

Always Create a Sensible Budget

You don’t think about finance when searching for pool water features Tulsa; however, it is essential. For example, you want a fountain feature and laminar, but also want to add a grotto and spa area. You have your heart set on these features but unfortunately, the professional contractors quote you $6,500 for these features and their time. It’s more than you can spend and a real disappointment. On the other hand, if you create a reasonable budget, you can plan which features you can install.

For instance, you have $5,670. You want fountain feature and a small spa area for you and your partner to spend some alone time together. With all costs added together, (including professional contractor costs,) the estimate is around $5,000. That should be your limit. While you might be tempted to spend that extra $600, it isn’t wise. Remember, if an unforeseen expense arises, you’d need to find the additional money. Instead, it is best to keep something in reserve just in case it’s necessary.

Enjoy your Swimming Pool

Water features are some of the simplest items you can add to your swimming pool, and yet, they are so often overlooked. Despite what you might think, a water feature can add elegance, refinement, and a sense of calm to a swimming pool. It can be a great investment, especially when your pool is looking somewhat tired, or you just want to upgrade it the best you can. Pool water features are wonderful and can elevate your swimming pool fantastically well.

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