Custom Swimming Pool

Eco-Friendly Pumps

We primarily use the IntelliFlo VF pump, which is the smartest custom pool pump ever invented.  Based upon which features are being run, it calculates the minimum flow needed to power the task to achieve maximum performance and minimum energy use in your custom swimming pool.

Virtually every task is performed more efficiently when an IntelliFlo pump is on the job.  By operating slower, and running for longer periods of time, it reduces the occurrence of algae.

QUIETER THAN A WHISPER--The quietest pump on the planet-thanks to its permanent magnet, TEFC design and its ability to operate lower speeds.  You may not even know it's operating. ]We are the Tulsa custom pools pros!



How much can your safe?  See the Tulsa Pools Pump Energy Savings Calculator at 





Inground Swimming Pool